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Game Axie Infinity Money Making, Is It Really Possible?

Game Axie Infinity Money Making, Is It Really Possible? - Axie Infinity is one of the most popular crypto and blockchain based games among the crypto community. This game is widely played because it is believed to be a source of additional income for those who want to earn money from crypto. However, is it true? In the following article, we will discuss in detail about the money-making Axie Infinity game that is currently being discussed. 

What is Game Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity Game is a play-to-earn crypto game built on the Ethereum blockchain. This game allows players to collect, raise and trade digital pets (Axies) in the marketplace. Axie Infinity was first launched by game development company Sky Mavis in 2018.

Reporting from Coinmarketcap, as of last August 2021, Axie Infinity managed to make an achievement as the number one Ethereum-based DApps game based on weekly on-chain transaction volume.

This game is becoming more and more popular and is now played by more than 100,000 unique users. Players can play the money-making Axie Infinity game in adventure mode and arena mode.

In the game Axie Infinity, you will have digital pet characters called Axies. Axies are categorized into two classes, namely normal and secret classes. Normal Axies include Beast, Bug, Aquatic, Bird, Plant, and Reptile.

Meanwhile, the secret Axies consist of Dawn, Dusk, and Mech. Each Axie has its own strengths and weaknesses, so players must be good at determining strategies when competing.

Main Currency in Axie Infinity

There are two main tokens in the Axie Infinity game, namely AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) and SPL (Smooth Potion Love) tokens. Both are types of ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The AXS token is used for platform governance. Token holders can vote and decide on platform development. AXS is one of the tokens that experienced a drastic price increase of more than 100% in last October. Meanwhile, SPL tokens can be used to play and breed Axies.

4 Ways to Get Free Crypto from Axie NFT

There are various ways that we can take to benefit in the form of free crypto assets from the Axie Infinity game, including:

Axies Scholarship

The scholarship system contained in the game Axie Infinity is not much different from scholarships in general, which aims to provide "help" in the form of Axies for players who do not have capital.

In this case, there are two parties, namely Scholars (new players) and Managers (investors or people who have many items). Scholars usually don't have enough capital and Axies, but have plenty of time. On the other hand, the Manager has a lot of capital, but does not have enough time to play.

Therefore, to earn income from the game, the Manager usually lends his Axies to Scholars to use when competing. Later, the profits obtained will be divided based on the agreement of both parties. Managers usually earn commissions when lending Axies.

Compete with Other Players

Players usually compete for prizes in the game Axie Infinity matches with other players or in PVP (Player vs Player). Players who manage to win the battle will usually be rewarded with an imbalance in the form of crypto assets.

They can also play in Adventure mode. If you successfully fight monsters and complete adventure missions, players will be rewarded with a number of rewards. In order to win against other monsters or Axies, players will usually upgrade their Axies to increase their combat power.

Selling Axies on Marketplace

In the Axie Infinity game, players can breed Axies and then sell them at a certain price range in the marketplace. Axies will be played competitively and highly rewarded if they are high level, strong in matches, or are a rare species.

Players usually create rare and powerful combinations of Axies by mating Axies with good quality genes. Daniel Philips, blockchain journalist and contributor to Coinmarketcap also revealed that the rare Axies can be sold for a price range of up to 200 – 300 ETH.

How to Make Money from Axie Infinity

To be able to earn money from the game Axie Infinity, players can exchange the AXS or SLP tokens that have been obtained into fiat currency via the crypto exchange platform. In Indonesia itself, you can exchange AXS tokens to Rupiah via Pintu, a crypto trading application in Indonesia that has been officially registered with CoFTRA.

Well, that was a complete discussion about the money-making Axie Infinity game that is being talked about a lot in the crypto community. Pretty interesting, right?

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Happy investing!


This content aims to enrich the reader's information. Always do some independent research and use cold cash before investing. All activities of buying and selling crypto assets are the responsibility of the reader.