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6 Investments that are Suitable for Young People

6 Investments that are Suitable for Young People - Currently investing is not a difficult thing to do. Everyone can choose various investment instruments which can now be done from the application on the smartphone. Investment can also be started with small capital.

In addition, there are several types of investments that you can determine the level of risk so you don't need to be afraid to try it. Or you can also make investment as a source of income and you can allocate it for savings. So what types of investments are suitable for young people? Check out the following explanation.

Types of Investments that are Suitable for Young People

types of investment for young people

One of the reasons young people need investment is to prepare for a more established future. Now you can buy a stock at the time you specify and wherever you are. That way you can develop your own investment strategy. The following types of investments are suitable for young people:

1. Investment P2P Lending (Peer to Peer)

Fast returns offered by P2P Lending investments. This investment is in the form of a website that brings together debtors and creditors. Where the creditor is in charge of providing loans to the debtor according to the amount of money he needs.

In P2P Lending investments, you act as a creditor and provide the funds needed by the debtor. From these loan funds you can get returns ranging from 15% to 38%. A fairly high return of course with an adjustable timeframe.

2. Mutual Fund Investment

If you are looking for an investment with a small risk then try mutual funds. In fact, mutual funds can be considered as suitable investments for young people because they are easy to do. You can also choose which investment instrument is based on the risk.

The capital you deposit into mutual funds will later be managed by the investment manager and distributed to several investment instruments. So you just receive the results.

3. Crypto Asset Investment

The next type of investment suitable for young people is crypto assets. Which is currently one of the most popular investment instruments. This is because crypto assets offer easy investment without intermediaries and you can start investing with relatively small capital. In addition, historically, crypto assets are also suitable as long-term investments. Despite the ups and downs in price, bitcoin has shown steady growth.

4. Gold Investment

Investing your money in precious metals will not disappoint. Gold prices are very stable and even tend to rise will provide great benefits for you. Even this type of investment has a very small risk of loss.

So it is suitable for use by young people, especially those who are just beginners in the investment world. Currently gold investment does not have to buy gold in the form of bars. But you can open a gold savings account, then save your money little by little and then disburse it in gold at a later date.

5. Forex Trading Invest

Want to try something more extreme? Then use forex trading investments. Beginner investors usually avoid this one investment product. Because forex trading investments have big risks but offer very high returns.

6. Stock Investment

No less risky than forex trading, stock investment is also suitable as a type of investment for young people. This investment relies on your expertise in assessing and predicting which stocks will rise. The better your strategy, the bigger the profit you get.