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40% of institutional crypto investors intend to buy crypto assets in the future

40% of institutional crypto investors intend to buy crypto assets in the future - Reporting from Cointelegraph, more than 80% of institutional investors who have invested in digital assets plan to increase their investment exposure. While 40% intend to massively increase their crypto asset exposure.The survey was conducted online from May to June with respondents consisting of 50 wealth managers and 50 institutional investors with experience of exposure to crypto assets in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and United Arab Emirates.

Stock Investors Switching to Crypto Assets?

Many companies are starting to show interest in crypto assets, from Morgan Stanley to Tesla.

The survey, conducted by London-based crypto investment firm Nickel Digital Management, revealed that around 82% of 100 investors and wealth managers plan to increase their digital asset exposure from now to 2023.

In more detail, around 40% of respondents stated that they would drastically increase their crypto asset holdings. Meanwhile, 7% stated that they intend to reduce their crypto asset exposure, and only 1% plan to sell their entire asset holdings.

In addition, based on a Cointelegraph report last month, a survey conducted by British investment firm AJ Bell revealed that more people are buying crypto assets than stock assets over the past year.

What is the Purpose of Large Enterprise Crypto Investment?

The survey results also reveal that their main goal of investing in digital assets is the long-term prospect of capital development. This answer comes from 58% of respondents. Despite the recent slump, the value of BTC has still increased by 260% in the past year, while ETH has seen an increase of around 800% (7/9/2021).

Around 38% of the survey respondents also stated that they have some experience with crypto assets, thus giving them more confidence in these assets.

Companies that invest heavily in Bitcoin

Here is a list of companies that have invested heavily in the cryptocurrency with the largest market cap, bitcoin.

Microstrategy Inc

The company bought $15 million worth of bitcoins in March 2021. As of March 12, the company was one of the institutional crypto investors with bitcoin holdings of 91.326 BTC.


The company created by Elon Musk has also invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin in January.


The company owned by Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, also bought 3,318 BTC for $170 million in March 2021. As of March 12, the company already held over 8,000 BTC.