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Powerful Strategy in Doing Facebook Marketi ng

 Powerful Strategy in Doing Facebook Marketing

1. Start with a Clear Goal 

A process of marketing activities must be started by making clear goals, including in running Facebook Marketing. This will later make it easier for you to measure the level of success of your marketing.

According to the SproutSocial page, almost 80% of Facebook Marketing's goal is to build brand awareness. In addition, Facebook Marketing's other goals are to increase engagement (65%), website traffic (54%), and increase conversions (30%).

If you are still having trouble determining your goals, you can start by throwing surveys to your customers as an ideal first step. So, later you will get an overview of the right strategy to run.

If your product or brand has been successfully recognized by the public, then you can then start using Facebook Marketing to increase business engagement.

2. Know Your Target Market

The next step in running Facebook Marketing is to identify your target market. This will help you determine your ad budget to determine the right type of content to post. In determining the target market, you have to start by doing research, building a buyer persona, and then determining the brand positioning you want to create.

Facebook Marketing is able to provide convenience to you in determining the target market. If you use Facebook Ads, then you can use the custom audience feature. In it, you can create a more detailed target audience based on customer data you already have, website visitors, etc.

3. Create Interesting Content

This method applies in every Facebook Page post or when you advertise using Facebook Ads. In terms of image formats, try not to post text-only images. Complete with photos and videos.

The official Wordstream website reports that the use of video for promotional activities is able to attract 46% of consumers to purchase products or subscribe to services.

When it comes to ideas, there are many different types of content that you can create. You can make procedures for using products, updating product features, to testimonials from consumers. You can also create content that is light but able to describe your business.

4. Schedule Content Posting Well

Creating a content posting schedule has an important role in determining when a post should be published and the level of intensity.

Posting too often will only give you less time to create content. Thus, the quality of the content has the potential to be less than optimal and will give an unfavorable impression to the audience. On the other hand, taking too long to update posts will also reduce your follower engagement

You need to know that the ideal time for each business to post is very different, depending on its target audience. However, Sproutsocial released data showing that the ideal time to post content globally is from 9am to 3pm.

5. Actively Communicating with Audience

Building a good communication channel with the audience is one of the main goals of Facebook Marketing. For that, try to communicate with consumers well. That means, you shouldn't just focus on creating content. You should also answer any comments from the audience.

In this way, communication activities will be two-way. The more often you have discussions with your audience in the comments column and mention your business name personally, then your engagement level will also form by itself.

6. Determine the appropriate budget

The next strategy in running Facebook Marketing is to determine a good advertising budget. The process of creating Facebook Marketing content often costs money. For small businesses who are just starting out, it is recommended to create free or inexpensive content. Thus, the business budget can be used for other activities.

In Facebook Marketing, there are various budget options that you can use, ranging from page like ads, boosted posts, to lead generation ads. By determining a budget, it will be easier for you to measure the level of success in your marketing activities.