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7 Steps To Building A Business Brand From Scratch

7 Steps to Building a Business Brand from Scratch - Building a brand from scratch is not an easy matter.There are many questions that you inevitably have to answer, starting from what it looks like, how people should feel it, to whether the brand is able to represent your business values ​​to the targeted audience.You must be able to relate the existing divide between the product being sold and the person you are selling with.

1. Find out who your target audience and competitors are

A very significant first step to take is to research your target audience and competitors. If you build a brand, who is the brand's product aimed at? What is the individual's persona like? Have you collected demographic data? If you are in doubt about this question, you can analyze your competitors. Find out which potential competitors are selling products that are similar to the one you are selling. From there you can also learn who their target audience is.

2. Determine the Focus and Characteristics of Your Brand

Determining the focus of your brand is very important because it will greatly affect all the elements that exist as long as you build the brand.So, who will you provide your brand value to? What needs will your brand meet? How do you deliver these values? You must answer questions like that in order to get a clear direction regarding the focus of your brand.

After that, slowly this focus will help you create the characteristics of your brand. One way to define the characteristics of a brand is to treat it like a human.

What does it look like? What kind of character makes your target audience attracted to it?

These things will determine the brand voice on your social media or other internet networks that you will have, as well as determine what it will look like in terms of digital creative, be it design or writing.

3. Determine Your Brand Name

The effect of choosing a business name can be very small or large depending on the type of business you start. A brand is more than just a name. The characteristics, actions and reputation of a brand that will make it known and make it meaningful in the marketplace.

However, as a business owner, a brand name is one of the important commitments that you must establish at the beginning of its establishment. The brand name will affect the creation of a logo, determining the website domain name, marketing, to trademark registration.

4. Determine Your Brand Slogan

A catchy slogan that can represent the vision and mission of your brand is something important but still difficult to create.

A short and descriptive slogan that can represent your brand will be easy to recognize, and you can place it as a headline on your business website, on business cards, and even on social media.

5. Determine your brand appearance / style

Both the colors and fonts embodied in your brand are very important to define. After determining your name and brand slogan, it's time to determine how it looks visually. What color is the main color? What font to use? You can look for color inspiration using a tool like and determine which font to use by looking for inspiration through Font Pair.

6. Logo design for your brand

Whether you make it yourself or use a designer, a logo will become the face of your brand so it must be able to visually represent your brand's values, vision and mission. People will get to know your brand through your logo, so keep in mind that your logo must be memorable, unique and measurable. You can also use a simpler approach when designing logos, such as the minimalist concept that Google offers through its logo, or even Facebook and Twitter.

7. Continue to develop

Building a brand doesn't stop when you create a logo and slogan. Your brand must always exist and remain consistent when your customers interact with it. You'll continue to shape and evolve your brand every time you get a new customer and learn who they are and how to interact with them to increase engagement. It is important to realize that you must still appreciate the fact that you will never have 100% control over how people perceive your brand.Therefore, keep your reputation in the market, especially in front of loyal customers, so that you are able to create a loyal customer base for your business. That way, you already know what steps you need to take to build a business brand from scratch.