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How to Add Real Instagram Followers, Follow These 10 Easy Tips!

How to Add Real Instagram Followers, Follow These 10 Easy Tips! - When talking about Instagram, there's no doubt that social media has grown very rapidly in recent years. Noted that until now the platform already has more than one billion users.

This is because Instagram is the right place for all kinds of uses. Ranging from for personal accounts, brands, to organizations. The more accounts on Instagram, the stiffer the competition to get followers.

Just sharing photos, videos or stories isn't enough. You have to use Instagram smarter so your account stands out so other people are interested in following you. You can follow the steps below to get more followers on Instagram.

1. Don't set your account to private mode
Private Instagram accounts are good for maintaining privacy. But if your goal is to get a lot of followers, you have to open your account to be public. That way prospective followers can see your feed more freely.

In addition, your account will be more visible when set to public. Posts that you share can be promoted to explore other people so you can attract new followers.

2. Complete and prepare your profile
The first step you must take before looking for new followers is to set up an account profile. Use a username that is easy to remember, complete all required profile data fields such as Bio, Website, and others. You also have to put up an interesting profile photo.

This step is important for building other people's first impressions on your account. If you want to look funny, then use words that describe it in the Bio column. Do it according to the style you want.

3. Follow the account of famous figures
An easy way to add followers is to follow the accounts of famous people who have millions of followers. For example artists, celebrities, YouTubers, even political figures. You can follow up to 15 accounts at a time.

You can do it quickly. Just follow the other accounts recommended by Instagram after you open an account of a famous character. After that you will see your notifications flooded with new followers.

4. Don't worry about the number of your following, just click unfollow
Following an account of a famous figure makes the following number even greater? Don't worry, you can just click unfollow. Give a gap of 10 to 15 minutes from the time you follow them. That way, your number of followers increases but your following remains. Do this third and fourth step routinely, at least three times a day.

5. Post photos or videos on a feed regularly during prime time
It's not enough to just follow-unfollow regularly, you also have to maintain the activeness of your account. At least post photos or videos in your feed at least once a day. That way, the level of engagement with followers will be maintained. This method can also attract new followers in your account.

You should also pay attention to the time to share posts. Instagram users are generally active in three main times, namely the morning at 08.00-09.00, the afternoon at 12.00, and the night at 19.00-20.00. Of the three, the busiest time is at night. Make sure you share posts around that time.

6. Use the hashtag creatively
Do not underestimate the power of hashtag if your account is still classified as a small account. Because by adding it in the caption column, other people will easily find the post that you share. Posts with hashtags will get more likes and comments from other users.

Add some hashtags in each post. The maximum limit is 30. However, don't just mess around. You must use hashtags that are relevant, popular, and appropriate for your target audience.

7. Cross promoting on other social media accounts
Surely you have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or other social media right? The next step you can take to increase followers is to promote your account on other platforms. That way, you can attract friends on other social media to follow your Instagram account.

If you are building an account for a business or holding a campaign, you can also promote it offline. For example, by making brochures, posters, and other media that can attract public attention.

8. Maintain Instagram feeds

It is undeniable that people are more interested in things that are visual. Therefore, you have to match the tone post that you share so that your account is more interesting.

Use the color tone that you like and describe your character. This can be done by using the same filter in each post. There are many photo editing applications that can help you do that.

9. Follow the latest trends
There are many interesting trends on Instagram. Examples of trends that have boomed are the Ice Bucket Challenge and In My Feelings Challenge. To add followers, you can actively follow it.

Post related photos or videos, then add the hashtag in your caption. Also when you are at a particular event, post your moments with related hashtags. For example when attending a concert, coming to a museum, and others.

10. Utilizing targeted ads on Instagram
If your account is a business or organizational account, you can promote it through targeted ads on Instagram. Of course this method is paid but can effectively increase your followers.

Before using it, you must know who the relevant audience is from your account. Starting from their age, occupation, to their interest. This is because you will be asked to provide a target audience specification when setting ads.

Ready to add followers on Instagram? Good luck with the methods above!