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How to Start an Online Business from Zero

Start an Online Business in 2020 this can be learned easily and can be understood. online business is a solution for employees whose income does not meet the needs of each month. online business you can do anytime and anywhere. Can be done while free, while sitting in a bus or motorcycle taxi online to the office. For this reason, here I present ways to start an online business from scratch.

1. Decide What Products to Sell
    Start an Online Business in 2020 do research online by searching for keywords or keywords that are sought after about one product (commonly called keyword research). More and more people are looking for, it indicates that the product is indeed needed.

You can choose two types of products. The first is indeed being trendy. The second product is something that is long time, never stale and always needed by the community. As long as the price offered is quite competitive, then your sales will definitely have a buyer.

2. Sales System
  Start an Online Business in 2020 sales system that is now widely used by online businesses at the beginning of its business is to become a dropshiper. This system makes you not have to keep stock of goods sold. Let the main supplier or seller do it.

You just need to find a buyer, the affairs of the delivery of goods becomes the business of the distributor. However, you still have to carefully choose distributors who do have high credibility. Do not let you receive a lot of complaints due to the quality of goods that do not match those promoted.

3. Website
  Start an Online Business in 2020 You have a little capital at the beginning of a business, you may not choose a dropship system. You can choose to stock up to shipping items by yourself. This can indeed maintain and enhance your credibility as a seller in the eyes of consumers.

For that, you have to start building websites that will be your sales window in the online world. The website is the center of your online business activities. It also becomes a customer data storage which one day you will definitely need.

4. Social Media Network
Start an Online Business in 2020 After your website airs in cyberspace, now is the time to spread it. No matter how good and cool your website is, if it's not widely known, it's meaningless.

Fortunately, now is the era of social media. You can do promotions through social media for free. Social media is the main choice as a promotional tool when you start an online business.

Make an account with the name of your online store or website. Not only on one social media, but also on many variants. However, what is widely used in Indonesia today is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

The explanation above is a step to start an online business that can be done in the current year.