How to Make Money on Instagram in 2020 - Pena Kertas
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How to Make Money on Instagram in 2020

Making money on Instagram is not a new thing anymore. Now there are many unique ways to make money on social media based on images and videos. Who is not hit by Instagram? Everyone has an Instagram social network account. Therefore, this Instagram is often used to think of a product. Do you want to use Instagram for the benefit of your business in 2020?

Now many entrepreneurs have applied various successful marketing methods. One of them is the use of Instagram. With social media, a product can be quickly recognized by many people. In addition, every content published on Instagram receives a viral. Well, how about you? Continue reading to get business ideas and suggestions via Instagram.

1. Selling Products with Instagram

Product promotion on Instagram has become common. However, this method is indeed the most effective way to bring in many consumers and customers. Everyone who comes across a product ad on Instagram and is interested in visiting will get information about the product. The result, most likely many people will get to know the product.

2. Selling services on Instagram

In addition to selling physical products and digital products, Instagram also allows you to find a number of accounts that offer services. What kind of service? Typically, the types of services most often found are design services, interior design services, and blog or website creation services.

3. Become a Buzzer

The next Instagram business that is worth trying is to be a Buzzer. This business is usually done by people who have a lot of Instagram accounts. People with a few Instagram account followers will need this buzzer service to naturally increase their followers.

4. Become an Endorser

An endorser is different from the buzzer. An endorser is someone who acts as an ambassador for a particular product. To be an endorser, one must be famous and have many fans like artists or celebrities. Generally, in addition to getting money, endorsers will get the promoted product free of charge.

5. Selling photos on Instagram

Furthermore, a suitable Instagram business that has the potential to make a lot of money is selling photos on Instagram. Photography enthusiasts will usually display their photos on the Instagram homepage with a watermark so they won't be stolen by others. Of the many Instagram users, there will be people who are interested in your photos to buy it.

The above description is information that tells you how to make money on Instagram. Just using Android or a smartphone can be a great source of income. Because we live in a modern world, everything is done all digital. So, do not hesitate to reap the benefits of it. I hope this information is helpful. Good luck.