5 Most Bitcoin Earning Games on Android and iOS

5 Most Bitcoin Earning Games on Android and iOS There are now many Bitcoin generating Games that reward mobile users with digital assets. But the most valuable games are those that pay with Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.

Here are some of the highest paying Bitcoin earning Games that Android and iOS users can try on their phones to earn free bitcoins.

1. Worldopo

If you like Pokemon Go and Monopoly, you will definitely love this Bitcoin game. Worldopo is a simulation game where you build a world and collect different types of prizes.

This is a unique Bitcoin game, as it combines augmented reality and virtual reality with blockchain and “Directed Acyclic Graph” (DAG) technology.

In-game maps source data from Google Maps and Open Street Maps so players can buy real streets in real cities from around the world.

You can attack buildings, fight for territory, collaborate with other users, and control the world economy. As you occupy more territory, you will accumulate more wealth. There are three main resources in the game – Qubits, Cash, Brains and Gems, which can be found on the street or in the nearest home page.

GEMS is backed by real cryptocurrencies, and Worldopo also has a mining farm feature that allows users to mine Bitcoin and Ether.

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2. StormX

StormX is a Bitcoin earning Game that you have to complete with various microtasks to earn cryptos. You can use it to generate not only Bitcoin but also Ethereum, Litecoin, Dai, and StormX.

You can collect coins by performing simple tasks, such as answering surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, playing games, and shopping in stores. Once you have raised funds, you can cash out your coins to your external crypto wallet.

3. Crypto Ballz

Developed by Zapak Games, Crypto Ballz is a casual mining arcade game that rewards players in Bitcoin and many other coins, such as Litecoin and Ethereum. Players can also watch the Rewards Video and receive an additional 50 coins for their winnings.

The gameplay in this shooting game is simple, as you just have to swipe your finger and aim to launch balls and break crypto blocks to mine cryptos.

The more blocks you destroy, the more virtual cryptos you will have. The block will drop after each round the ball has been shot, similar to how Tetris works.

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4. Satoshi Secret

Satoshi Secret is a video slot developed by Endorphina. To play the game, you must create an account on Endorphina. Most of the games from this game provider are mobile compatible.

The game is always featuring bitcoin-related symbols, letters and hackers.

5. Alien Run

Alien Run is a classic arcade game with simple but addictive gameplay. The game was launched three years ago by a mobile game developer in collaboration with Bitcoin Aliens.

Alien Run features a space hero named Daniel D'Alien, who must jump, flip, flap, dodge and learn new skills through hundreds of custom-made levels.

This adventure can last forever, and as you play, you can earn rewards of up to 1000 satoshi every 5 levels. You can play two sets of 10 levels every hour.

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